about me

Meet the Artist

Hi there! I'm Rachel, the woman behind the curtain. Growing up, my mom made lots of jewelry and taught me her mad skills. Over the years I've dabbled here and there making jewelry for teachers and family, but it wasn't until the summer of 2021 that my brain began to flood with designs.

my mission


All Clover Patch pieces are crafted with mother nature in mind. Not only does she provide incredible inspiration but also is the final consumer of all products. So I focus on limiting environmental impact from design all the way to delivery.

The Clover Patch Promise

I am committed to crafting quality products that are sourced ethically and produced sustainably. It's important ensure Clover Patch's products contribute to the well-being of people AND planet.

  • Vintage & secondhand sourced beads

  • Handmade & recycled packaging materials

  • 100% carbon neutral delivery worldwide

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